From a very young age, Dona Gelsinger had a love and appreciation for art.  She would sit for hours watching her grandfather as he painted landscapes in oil. Each brush stroke told a story and created a memory.  It was here Dona that fell in love with the magic of storytelling through art.  She went on to study at Cal State Long Beach and after graduation, began her career as a staff artist in advertising. 


Dona has been captivating hearts and sharing smiles through her paintings.  She takes the best stories in life and puts them on canvas, just as her grandfather taught her many years ago.  Whether she s painting a majestic angel or a rugged mountain cabin, she immerses herself in the painting as she tells a story with each stroke. 


Dona and her family reside in the picturesque Rogue River Valley of Southern Oregon where the region s natural beauty and abundant wildlife continue to inspire new works of art. 


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